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The GS1 system has various ways of automatically capturing information, with the ability of containing variable quantities of data, facilitating solutions such as traceability. The following are bar code symbols and other standard capture systems of the GS1 system:

EAN/UPC: this symbology, which includes EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A and UPC-E codes, is the only one used for products passing through payment terminals. These codes ensure that all products are duly identified in any retail payment outlet, thus speeding the recording of data, and its use improves the reliability of the information exchanged between business partners.

ITF-14: this symbology is used to identify units such as boxes or pallets, and allows for easy and accurate inventory control. Items marked with ITF-4 symbols are not expected to pass through retail payment terminals.

GS1-128: this symbology is used to codify data associated to units such as boxes, pallets and returnable assets. It allows for an easy and accurate follow-up of the inventory. This symbology also allows for coding other types of specific information, which facilitates the monitoring and control of goods, such as expiration dates, batches, serial numbers, etc. . The SSCC code is symbolized through GS1 – 128. Items marked with GS1 – 128 symbols are not intended to pass through the retailers' checkout point.

GS1-128: esta simbología se utiliza para codificar los datos asociados a unidades tales como cajas, estibas y activos retornables. Permite administrar el seguimiento ágil y preciso del inventario. Esta simbología también permite codificar otro tipo de información específica que facilita el seguimiento y control de los bienes como fechas de vencimiento, lotes, números de serie, etc. El código SSCC se simboliza mediante el GS1 – 128. Los artículos marcados con símbolos GS1-128 no están destinados a pasar a través del punto de pago minorista.

GS1 DataBar: this symbology allows for including further information, in less space than EAN/UCC. The GS1 Databar symbology was created to identify small and difficult to label products, such as jewelry and cosmetic products. It can also symbolize serial numbers, batch numbers and expiration dates for product traceability processes, quality control and coupon identification.

GS1 DataMatrix: is a two-dimensional (2D) bar code symbology, which can store a large amount of data, in a relatively small space. These bar codes are used mainly on pharmaceutical products and medical appliances.

One of the advantages of this symbology is that includes the ability to code a great variety of information, such as date or batch number. It also has a sophisticated algorithm for correcting errors, which compensates for lost or missing data, unusual labeling or any damage to the printed code. This means that print and contrast quality are much less critical than with traditional linear bar codes. Items labeled with GS1 DataMatrix symbols are not intended to go through payment terminals.

Electronic Product Code (EPC): provides a way to use the same standard GS1 identifiers used in bar codes, by means of the coding of RFID labels. The EPC also provides for characters that can be read by persons.

RFID: GS1 has worked with users and solution suppliers to define radiofrequency identification standards (RFID), defined as RFID labels and scanners must communicate and exchange information. There are two EPCglobal technical standards in this area:

The EPCglobal UHF "Gen2" protocol: defines the physical and logical requirements for frequencies between 860 and 960 MHz.

The EPCglobal HF: defines the physical and logical requirements for MHz 13,65 frequencies.

QR Codes (Quick Response): is a bidimensional bar code’s commercial label, initially designed for the automobile industry. This is a square bar code, composed of black modules (dots/square pixels), laid out in a square pattern on a white background. It has been designed to be read by specific hardware (image scanners) or software (applications or “apps”) running in smartphones.

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